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Our 7 Favorite Hotel Management User Interfaces (UIs)


Hotels of all sizes and types require reliable property management systems (PMS) to enter and track reservations, manage room rates, run reports, employ point of sale functions and so forth.

In an industry where travelers demand speedy check-ins, and real-time data is critical to maintaining optimal room occupancy, the user interface (UI) of your hotel management software should be intuitive, attractive and easy to navigate. More importantly, it should clearly display core performance metrics to provide management with a comprehensive view that enables smart decision-making.

Here, we highlight seven of our favorite hotel management UIs for desktop computers, tablets and smartphones.

Hetras Property Management System

The Hetras PMS allows staff to perform key functions beyond the front desk—including check-ins, reservation changes and transactions—via a clean, easy to understand interface.

Hetras - iPad screen

Since the software is cloud-based, users only need a device with Internet access and a browser, meaning it works on tablets and smartphones. Hetras also allows users to make “fast post” transactions by autosuggesting payment transaction codes and auto-filling payments based on predefined amounts entered by the user.

By limiting functionality to only a few critical tasks, Hetras ensures its interface is simple to navigate on a touchscreen.


BookatOnce offers an iPad and iPhone application that enables mobile reservation management via an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing screen.

boookatonce iphone
BookatOnce’s interface uses visual icons on its main dashboard, including “Reservation Board,” “Free Rooms,” “Reservations” and “Res. List” so users can easily navigate to different areas of the system.


For many of its functions, such as the Reservation Board shown above, BookatOnce utilizes pop-up screens so the user can access more detailed data and/or make changes without having to type into tiny cells or navigate away to another screen.

Clerk Hotel Management

Clerk Hotel Management has a colorful design and offers a wealth of features, from basic reservations to a detailed guest database and rate management tools. Its rate calendar allows users to instantly view and make changes to their seasonal room rates to ensure their property’s information is accurate at all times.

Clerk PMS screen

The interface, which can be customized with the hotel’s branding, allows hoteliers to adjust rates by clicking on the color-coded buttons at the top of the page, which represent different percentage increases, then “sliding over” the dates they’d like the rate increase to be applied to. These changes are then instantly updated on the hotel’s website (if the tool is integrated with the hotel’s website).

Loventis PMS

The occupancy view in Loventis PMS uses colors with commonly held associations (e.g. green = good) to make occupancy data as clear as possible. This data is displayed in a unique “heat map.”

Loventis screen

The columns represent dates (with the weekends highlighted in light and dark blue) and the rows represent the different room types the hotel offers. The numbers in the individual map cells represent the occupancy percentage for that room type on that day.

A green cell indicates that every room of that type is occupied on that particular day, while on the opposite end of the spectrum, red indicates that none of these room types are occupied. This allows hotel managers to instantly understand which of their room types are the most in demand at any given time.

ATRIO Guest Management by PAR Springer-Miller

PAR Springer-Miller’s newest system for hotels, ATRIO Guest Management Software, has a bold look that sets itself apart from the typical gray and white, text-heavy interfaces often seen in other hotel management systems.

Atrio screen

The darkened color scheme is easier on the eyes, and the hexagonal buttons are a unique design feature that makes the platform instantly recognizable.

ATRIO offers useful reporting features that can display data including room occupancy, room revenue, average daily rate and revenue per available room across any time period (e.g. the seven-day outlook shown above) for a comprehensive view of the property’s performance.

PAR Mobile PMS – SMS | Host Anywhere

PAR Mobile PMS Host Anywhere is another PAR Springer-Miller product with a simple design built especially for mobile platforms. The large, colorful buttons are eye-catching and have symbols that clearly communicate functionality.

Host Anywhere screen

Users can view the hotel’s guest list, which uses icons and colors to denote guests’ status in the hotel. Green is for arrivals, orange for departures, red for guests in-house, blue for cancelled reservations and black for guests that have checked out.

Guests can be found by entering their name or reservation number into the search bar at the top, and the circle in the bottom left corner shows the number of guests in the current list, with colored semi-circles that offer a visual view of arrivals and departures. The system can perform many of the same functions as the associated core software (SMS Host PMS), including the ability to check guests in and out, modify reservations and process payments.

WinHotel PMS

While WinHotel’s PMS offers the usual reservations and payments features, its ability to extract data directly from Microsoft SQL means it can generate more than 400 dynamic reports, which provide real-time data users can modify.

WinHotel screen

The system features one of the sleekest and useful dashboards highlighted here. The main dashboard displays crucial performance metrics, such as occupancy rates, daily revenues and revenue per available room, while additional buttons for invoicing, reports, front desk functions and more are listed on the far left.

The top row of buttons takes a cue from some of Microsoft’s Office offerings, featuring tabbed sections that open up to a toolbar of features for bookings or invoices. Reports and charts are given a splash of color and attractive design to make otherwise dull graphics pop.

This gallery represents our favorite UIs from those submitted, but we’re always looking to incorporate impressive new submissions, new market entrants or redesigns, so please feel free to send us your best hotel management software UIs.

9269240293” created by Nearsoft, used under CC BY / Resized.

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