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Hiring Outlook: 4 Emerging Jobs in Hotel Management

Changes in the hospitality industry are pushing hotels to rethink staffing practices. These four positions will be crucial to operate a successful hotel in the future.


5 Ways Hotels Can Use Pinterest Place Pins to Target Traveler Segments

The Pinterest Place Pins feature opens up an opportunity for hotel marketers to attract segments of travelers by creating maps of amenities near your hotel.


How Hotel Indigo Creates a One-of-a-Kind Experience Through Design

Hotel Indigo executives and architects shared several design tips that hotels can use to increase customer perception and boost online reputations.


Self-Service Technology: An Undiscovered Hotel Revenue Channel

Check-in kiosks, mobile apps and lobby touch screens can increase customer satisfaction, but also drive extra revenue to your hotel with strategic marketing tactics.


How to Implement a Ritz-Carlton Level of Service in Your Hotel

A Ritz-Carlton general manager reveals five tips for how hotels can deliver service that meets The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company’s famous standards.